Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back to Business

I think I'm ready to come back to this blog - I left it as I was just getting started because I wanted it to be something it wasn't, or maybe because I thought it needed to be something more than it was. Now I'm just looking for an outlet to express myself, and on this dreary day after Christmas when some of the holiday glow is already starting to wear off I'm in need of a project.

Something I do need to start back up with is weight loss - after a series of events this fall I've gained a ton of weight back that I'd lost over the past few years and its time to start putting in the work again. Of course I'm already telling myself it'll have to start after New Years, which is a damn poor excuse actually. A better excuse is when I've eaten all of the Christmas cookies in the house, obviously.

I'm going to check in here with my progress and document what's working and what's not - maybe if I'm brave enough I'll post one of those horrid before pictures.


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