Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer To-Do list - is it a To-DONE list now?

Checking back over my to-do list from earlier in the summer, I find that some things are done, some are in progress, and some have fallen by the wayside - let's see what's what!

1. Finish the kitchen remodel! DONE!

2. Add an exterior outlet to the front porch area that's tied in to the porch light, and then string decorative lights along the porch ceiling. This will be done this weekend, along with changing out our dining room fixture.

3. Build the chicken coop, so its ready for occupancy next spring. We're back to debating whether or not to keep chickens at all - Little Buddy is terrified of them we don't want to be cruel and torture him with his greatest nemesis in the backyard. We'll see how his phobia is next spring and go from there.

4. Paint the porch chair, the picnic table and chairs, and the patio side table. After getting another porch chair (the rocking chair) and painting the wood crate table, we decided to leave both chairs unpainted (for now). We also decided not to paint the patio side table because it looks pretty great as wood, but it does need some time of finish to protect it from rain this winter so we'll need to do something to it soon. The patio furniture still desperately needs an update, but with the crappy weather we've been unmotivated to tackle it.

5. Plant, tend, and harvest vegetables from the garden. DONE! We've harvested strawberries, snap peas, blueberries, lettuce, cilantro, basil and turnips so far. I'm hoping to put in fall seeds this weekend, and even after our gloomy summer we do have a few green tomatoes, some tiny jalapenos and Italian roaster peppers so there's still hope one or two will ripen.

6. Go to a U-Pick strawberry patch, pick a bunch, and put up strawberry preserves. We didn't get to this and berry season is over.

7. Have a garage sale and get rid of some of the baby things we don't need anymore. I did sell the crib and mattress on Craigslist, but we haven't had the sale and there are still a ton of baby things to get rid of. Maybe there will be time for a September sale . . .

So out of seven items two are a solid done, two are partially done (or will be done asap), and three didn't happen. Not to bad, and there's still time this summer! Hope you're all having a great and productive summer as well!


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